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    i noticed in another post, you said you went to a Fire college? can you tell me more about this? everything preferably?
    thanks alot.

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    Hi Logan,

    Gee where to start and what would you like to know? The college is in Brandon, Manitoba. You call the college and they send you an application. Minimum standards to get started, Standard First Aid/CPR, etc... Although the more you have the more you stick out. From there like I said in the other post you write a test, do the CPAT(which is the new physical test) and you have an interview. From there they pick the top 36 students to attend. Tuition is around $8000(Can), plus books and a place to stay. For me I was looking at 15,000 altogether. Oh yes, then after you were accepted, you had to update your drivers, medical, vision etc...

    We wore a station uniform, issued turnout gear and split into two classes. One class would take fire first and the other EMT. It was pretty military,mon & fri was drill. Tues-thurs was PT, mile an half run as a unit. Get that teamwork stuff drilled into us. The first 3 weeks were water rescue,driving, and rope(upto Ops level). Then on to Fire Level I, went through the basics of how to work everything. Criteria that we had to meet, exams to write, scenerios to do. People would donate old houses that we could go to and start with searching(day & night) , ventilation on the roof, spot fires in rooms, and then burn it to the ground. The college has a remote site with plenty of stuff on it. Investigators house, confined space, tankers,railcars,natural gas/propane trees, draft pit, farm accident site, trench rescue,command post, mock airplane, extrication pad, and a huge burn building. We had a blast, some long day and nights but you know it was worth it. Level II was a little more indepth and more scenerios, exams, next thing you know it is Christmas.

    Time to switch classes, on to EMT. Tons of Case Studies, notes, videos, classroom work, and scenerios. Scenerios were a blast, we would get to use makeup and the occassional actor. Exams, mid term papers, and then hospital work and ambulance ride alongs. Had to do a minimum of 24 hours in Emergency and at least 10 good EMT calls. Because the F/D there ran both those who had FF I & II could also do the fire calls. So you worked at the firehall just like a probie. It was a blast and you got some pretty good calls from time to time. Final exam and final paper and your finished EMT.

    Then it was all the little courses ontop of everything else. Fire Service Instructor,Haz Mat(Awareness,OPS, & Tech), Airport Rescue F/F, Public Service Educator, and a few other things I can't remember.

    While you are in class the college supplies you with notices of who is hiring. And they continue it for a year after you graduate. You have the big ceremony....and your done.
    Out of my class of 35 everyone got a job within 6months of graduating. Some cities only hire from the college. Pretty sure that this years class all got hired as well.

    Don't know if that answers your question or not? Feel free to email me if you have anything else you want to know.

    Stay Safe/Stay low

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    There are also many schools that offer Fire Science bs degrees in the US. That could always be another option you can look at.
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