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    Default have you used MSA mask mounted radio interfaces

    I am looking for anyone that has or has used MSA mask mounted radio interfaces. My company is looking at them and I would like to hear from anyone that has them.


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    I would avoid using the variclear voice activated radio interface at all costs. The response team I am on at work tried them and they didnt work with our radios. In the process of trying to find out why they werent working it came out that the design and technology went out of production approximatly 5 years ago. That means that if you use radios that are less than 5 years old the wont work consistently.
    We finally switched over the the clear command radio interface system. It works much more reliably than the variclear. However, the clearcommand also has a thumbscrew that mates the voicemitter/amplifier to the mask. It is difficult to tighten the screw due to the tight space it is located in. I have mentioned to MSA that the thumbscrew should be changed over to a peice of hardware that is more user-friendly. They said they would look into it.
    As far as clarity of transmission, the clearcommand is excellent. There is an option to purchase a speaker that you can position on your ear. I would recommend getting this option it makes it much easier to hear transmission.
    I hope this helps you make your decision. And before anyone accuses me of being an MSA rep. I am not. In fact I am actually partial to Scott Packs and radio interfaces.
    Shawn M. Cecula
    IACOJ Division of Fire and EMS

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