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    Default Accountability system

    What kind of accountability do departments do at structure fires?How many tags does each firefighter have and where do you put them.Also who is responsible for maintaining accountability for the duration of the incident.We are a small volunteer dept. with limited manpower especially during the day.

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    We have tags that clip on the ring on the back of our helmets. Each firefighter has one tag on their helmet (we keep spares for everyone). When they get into a vehicle, their tag comes off and it gets put on a dash mounted tag that represents that apparatus. Our rescue has a good sized white board, divided into sections (sector 1, sector 2, etc). There are also velco strips mounted on the board. When we get a call where we use accountability, the IC will designate someone to do it. Often, the pump operators will do it on their own.

    How it works, all the Dash tags are removed from their vehicles and the white board and "PASS Box" are set up. The PASS box contains markers, extra tags, specail tags (Forestry, Highways, EHS, Hydro, and blank tags, etc). As units and firefighters are assigned to sectors, their tags are moved to a spot on the white board to reflect it.

    IE, when the attack team goes in, the member's tags are attached to a "special operations tag," which is placed on the white board and labeled "Attack Team." The time is noted and so is air pressure on their BAs.

    The white board can also be used to draw a map of the fireground, with units and firefighters positions moved around as needed.

    Most of our mutial aid department's use a simular system and can be incorperated into ours and vice versa. With multiple FDs, someone from the mutial aiding department is usually assigned to help with accountability.

    It usually only ever gets set up at large accidents, structure fires, bush fires, and almost anything with mutial aid. For us, this isn't very often.
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