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    Default You aint gonna believe this

    Once again I feel it important to share a little piece of what I call life on the ambulance. This episode deals with a rather interesting call I made last shift. Its kinda long but worth it.

    So we are on the way to station one yesterday and we get bumped out for a wreck like 200 yards in front of us. So we are en route and out at the same time. Hell of a response time. Anyway, we pull up to find 20 highschool girls standing around a we can see one damaged car. Oh my God....there are alot of no ride reports standing around, I think, as we make our way to the crowd. Thank God only 2 of them are actually involved. I guess they travel in packs. Anyway, they are all OK, nothing but no-ride reports to do, no problem. (Actually there is a problem, we use firehouse 5.0 to do reports and if you have ever had the honor of doing the same report 10 times cause it erases it you know what I mean. But that is an entire different forum post...Ill spare you that one) Anyway, they say there is a lady on the ground over there. Crap her head is bleeding...looks like a transport. So I go over and start my paramedic thing. Here is the funny part. The first part was just eye candy...literally. Anyway, I ask the dreadfull question of what happened, not really wanting to hear about her excuses and explain that I dont care where her insurance card is. Here is her story. She was turning left and was behind a long line of cars. Not wanting to wait to get into the left turn lane behind all of the cars going straight, she travels westbound in the eastbound lane. Surprise, surprise, she gets hit almost head on. The impact (with the teenage girls) sends her into a grassy part of a walgreens parking lot and the car is heading towards some 3 foot trees. The airbag is deployed and smoke is filling the cab, the powder from the bag. She sees the trees approaching and decides she does not want to hit them. So in her ripe old age of 68, she bails out...of the car...while it is still rolling....fast. Bam, cut on the head. But thats not the funny part. A book falls down into the floor board, lands on the gas pedal. The car takes out the trees and makes a hard right turn. Heads northbound in the southbound lane and makes impact, at full throttle with a southbound pickup...150 yards away. He was scared to death but OK. It may not be as funny reading about it here but I damn near wet my pants en route to the hospital. I have a hole in my lip from tryint to keep a straight face. She asked me if I thought it was a good idea to jump out of the car like she did. You know, you can actually hear veins pop inside your head. I was trying to hold it back so hard I dont even remember what I told her.
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    Wow, just when you thought that you had seen it all. That sounds like something from "chips" , damn I forgot the car has to blow up for it to be like chips.
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