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    Default Bin Laden Target Fund Raiser??

    A co-worker saw something on the news recently that bothers me. She thought it was a fire department that was offering a chance to shoot at a bin Laden face target for a buck. She said they showed people, including very young boys, lined up wanting to shoot at a bin Laden target. I'm sorry, but that is in very poor taste. What are we teaching our children? Aren't the video games violent enough - now we're going to put a gun in their hands and have them shoot at a photo target of a real person? Remember how we felt when we saw children overseas dancing in the streets upon hearing the news of the attacks on the U.S.? How is this any different? I certainly hope this news clip will not be broadcast in any other country.

    Please, remember that even though we are at war, human life should never be taken lightly. Emergency services people should know that better than anyone. You are role models, now more than ever. Think of that when you come up with your fund raising ideas.

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    FF's SignOthr,

    I believe the event you are talking about was sponsored by a Madison talk radio station at the Deerfield gun club. I don't know where the funds raised went to.

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