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    Default Miami-Dade Heroes?

    I just read the article on the 3 FFs(I am ashamed to call them FFs) from Miami-Dade that refused to ride on their truck because it had an American flag on it! If these guys don't like our flag, or what it stands for, I know a very nice cave in Afganistan where you can live. If I worked with these 3 ya-hoos and they were comming in to save my butt, I would just say "No thanks guys, I'll wait for the next crew of real heroes" Mike Moran from FDNY L-3 should have a crack at these guys!

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    These three knuckleheads are looking for attention. Nothing more. They work as firefighters in a paid department, a position I would have to assume they earned by testing and passing an academy's rigorous training.In this application process they must have beaten out others who I'm sure wanted the job as much as they did. Now-while holdiing this coveted position, collecting a paycheck ( Don't even give me the how-can I survive on a civil service paycheck whine-I do it )and working in the job they are supposed to love, they use the "I'm oppresed" whine and blame this country and its flag for all their troubles.
    OH, GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!!! I say, take a trip outside the US and see how some of the other poor bastards in the world live. They should quit making excuses for their shortcomings and get over it, otherwise pack it up and find a better place to live.
    They got their little slice of attention now they should have to live like lepars in their department.
    I'm sure they may need firemen in Afganistan soon-------
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