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    Default Firefighters make an impression

    My Dad has a friend who has a new-found respect for the fire service .

    A few months ago, he and his wife sold their house before they had closed on a new one and had to move into a rental. They hadn't been there too long and a car jumped the curb out front and ended up in their house. The Tulsa Fire Department responded to the scene. Everyone in the house was okay.

    Fast forward to August. My dad's friend needs a prescription filled one evening and goes to his local pharmacy in an upscale shopping center. He gets there and the entire parking lot is full at 10 p.m. The reason is because the top two stories of St. John Medical Center's 15 story Physicians Building that is under construction across the street is on fire. Quite a crowd had amassed to watch. So my dad's friend gets his prescription and wanders over to the barricade too. He was very impressed with the Tulsa Fire Department's Public Information Officer who came around periodically to update the crowd on what the firefighters were doing. The building hadn't be "weathered in", so and the floors were open and the crowd could see the firefighters moving around inside. Standpipes hadn't been installed yet, and stairs had only been constructed to about the eighth floor. The remaining floors were accessed by wooden ladders or one of the construction cranes, so the fire burned for a while before TFD got enough resources up to the fire floors.The last time the PIO came around he said that they should have the fire under control in about 10 minutes. My dad's friend looked at his watch, and in about ten minutes, the fire pretty much went away. He was very impressed that the firefighters were knowledgeable enough and proficient enough to be able to predict, almost to the minute, when the fire would be under control.

    Okay, so this guy's wife is into charity auctions and the like. She bids on, and wins, a dinner prepared by Tulsa firefighters at a fire station. Turns out it's the station that is first-in to their neighborhood. When they arrive at the station the night of the dinner, they find that the firefighters that are preparing dinner for them are the same firefighters that responded to their house the day the car ran through it, and they remember the call (of course they do!).

    Add to all this everything that has happened since 9-11, and my dad's friend has decided that firefighters are the best thing since sliced bread. He decides he wants to do something for the firefighters at the station in his neighborhood. He ruled out giving money directly to the TFD, because he knew it wouldn't necessarily get back to these guys. So, during the station tour on the night of the dinner, he looked around trying to figure out what they needed. They had great equipment, a nice kitchen, a grill, and recliners…basically everything they needed. He did notice that their TV was pretty small.

    So he goes down to a local electronics and appliance store to pick out a new TV for the station. He tells the salesman that he's buying it for the firefighters, and they offer to sell him a TV at cost. He picks out a 53" direct-view television and has it delivered to the station on Friday (just in time for the OU-Nebraska game on Saturday).

    I know this is a long post, but I thought that you guys might like another story about the public trying to show appreciation of their firefighters. It also gives some hope that maybe someone will deliver a big screen to OUR station someday…
    Bryan Beall
    Silver City, Oklahoma USA

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    That's so nice.....

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    That's great and all, but I see one problem w/ your story. Why would you want to watch Oklahoma vs. Nebraska when Penn State is playing? Go Nittany Lions!!! JoePa wins #324!!!

    Stay Safe

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    Thanks for posting this story. I am always glad to hear about something that our public does for us

    As for the game...

    Well since I grew up around Oklahoma City I guess I have to agree that the TV was just in time

    be safe brothers
    Be safe brothers

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    That is a nice story...unfortunately I haven't seen that kind of response in my own community. We had our annual Open House two weeks ago and it was the worst showing ever! I was very disappointed in our community as a whole. It is like they have already forgotten....that is unforgiveable to me. If anything this should have the been the biggest turnout ever for our Open House, and instead it was the poorest showing and I don't see the community trying to help us anymore than they did in the past...people still pass behind us while we try to back up our trucks, they still bitch that our siren goes off in the middle in the night, they still fail to yield to us, etc. I am very disappointed in some of my fellow Americans. But I am glad TFD has not had the same experiences...the man that did this for them is my new hero...he took what he saw and really let it sink in...he knows the value of having people there that are willing and able to help in an emergency situation. I wish more people would see it.
    Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!

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    We Had our annual steak dinner on the 14th of Oct. It was our best showing yet. we did 498 dinners..up almost 100 from last year. It was great to the community, both full timer's and 2nd homeowners (most of which are from Metro NY/NJ) come out and support their fire dept.
    HELL YEAH!!!
    The comments made by me are just that. Not of the Fire dept or Ambulance squad I am on.

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