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    Default Transforming their way into the Fire and Police Department

    Transformers are back, and this time they touch closer to the Fire and Police Department. The leader of the AUTOBOTS , "Optimus Prime," is a Fire Truck. He can shoot missles from his ladder and freeze his enemies with some formula from his fire nozzel to allow him to attack easier. Then he combines forces with another diesel named Ultra Magnus to form a huge robot. And then there is a Police Car named Prowl on the show to. You can catch the show and the Fire Truck on Fox Kids, 2:30 PM weekdays, and 7 AM on Saturdays..
    the toys are also out and the Fire Truck is pretty DARN NEAT!

    Autobots Transform and Roll Out! [img]null[/img]

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    Is that the one with the trains that transform too??

    Too bad they don't do a show with FDNY trucks beating the tar out of bin Laden
    Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten

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