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    Default Turnouts from the 70's-We need help!!

    I recently moved to a small town (population under 300) and visited our VFD. I decided to join to kill some boredom on my days off, and assist them in developing a training program. There's only one problem, they didn't have any turnout gear for me, what the rest of the guys were wearing is outdated to the point that my father had better gear when he became a volunteer in the 70's. My career dept. doesn't have any old stuff to really donate and I'm beginning to worry about safety issues reguarding the gear that they do have. I remember seeing a website about an organization which donated used equipment to low budget depts. Can anybody tell me more about it, or where I can find some help in obtaining some decent bunkers for cheap. Their annual budget is $2000!! We need some help, and need it fast, before something happens. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    There is an organization on the web called "Helping Our Own". I had found it and put it on my favorites list, then forgot about it until I read your post. You may check it out and see if it helps. Good Luck. This is how the site comes up.

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    Yeah, Helping Our Own is an organization that takes older out of service equipment and puts it into use. So far over 8 million dollars of equipment has been put into front line use. I am currently trying to start coordinating efforts here in central/southern Illinois. If you have any questions email me about the program. I'd be happy to help you as best I can.

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