Have really enjoyed the other poems I've found posted here. A friend in NY area has shown a poem of mine to others and says they really enjoyed it as well so I thought I'd share it here as well.

I’m home

We grew up together
And always remained friends

Through good times and bad times
We learned true friendship never ends

Our lives, close together, continued on
As you became a policeman and I a firefighter

On Duty and off we were oh so proud
We rejoiced in our efforts, we held our heads high

When times got tough and this life got us down
We knew we would stand together, you and I

The alarms began to chime all around me
Dispatch requested that you respond

The Twins were in trouble and needed our aid
One was mortally wounded, its children in fear

We rolled out with our comrades, each knowing our task
Quickly arriving to aid them, being stationed so near

We moved forward to duty, certain and unafraid
Knowing we’d perform bravely, to be the best we had trained

We escorted, we directed, we did everything
And anything we could do to make sure they got out

Moving from one to the next, doing all that we could
Too involved in our efforts to hear the panic, the shout

The other Twin had been savagely attacked
It’s children too would be frightened, looking for help

I saw you as we came to her side
Moving up ever higher, towards the fire

Her children lost, confused, we assured them
Sending them down, their safe exit our only desire

Suddenly she shuttered, we staggered
Her wounds too severe, she began to die

I found myself in darkness, I heard them
Screaming, I heard them cry

I held the woman close to me, she clutched me
“Please don’t let me die, not here, not alone”

“Don’t worry” I told her “I won’t leave you”
I couldn’t save her, I never had the chance

I knew she wouldn’t make it
My experience told me that at a glance

I remained with her, guiding her to those pearly gates
She sadly said “I loved them “ I said “ I know”

St. Peter took her hand and smiled at me
Saying “ Thank you for bringing her home”

Suddenly I’m back in the stairwell
Looking frantically for you I roam

In hundreds I see them digging, searching
Frantic to move this mountainous stack

Remembering all too well their pledge
To others they had promised “I’ll watch your back”

I jump in beside them, moving each piece by hand
Knowing our efforts seem to others to be above all odds

Cheers erupt as a miracle happens
A few of her children and ours are found

They keep working, beyond human endurance
Stopping only for an instant, hearing a faint sound

I hear them call your name, their heads hung down
Amidst the rubble I see you, my heart sinks low

I help them lift you, my life long friend
Your body still shielding another

Someone asks another “Did you know him”
I whisper silently “Yes, he’s my brother”

I continue beside them for days on end
Knowing I must honor you, no rest, no assurance

I try to encourage them, they lose hope
I keep pushing them onward, their spirit sinks low

They whisper “God help me I’m tired”
I pat their shoulder and say “ I know”

Our duty slowly moves toward an end
I assure all around me, we’ve done all that we can

We move to leave this resting place of so many
My eyes turn towards a nearby wall

Picture upon picture as far as I can see
I feel at one with them, like I knew them all

What’s this, It can’t be
I move closer, take a second look

I stare at the picture and see my image
I feel lost and alone, it hits me with a smack

The wish below it “St. Peter please find him and
Find it in your heart to let him come back”

I feel a hand on my shoulder
I know before I even turn

“It’s your time to come home too son
We granted their wish, you gave your best”

He points to the heavens, I see you
Waiting there, he continues “ It’s time to join the rest”

I watch them continue their mission
As I join you we embrace, so lost

You tell me “Don’t worry, new brothers
Will join them, they’ll have their back”

Now you and I can watch over them
But my helmet, your holster, they rest on the rack

Keith Ostrander, Chief, Manson IA Fire Department

Thanks for letting me share this.