A two-day international conference will be held in Liverpool, England on 15 and 16 May 2002. This is a Community Fire Safety conference aimed at preventing fire and fire death in the home.

The key topics are:
 Education and education methods
 Leadership and community action
 Political and strategic leadership
 Evaluation and the role of technology
 Developments in sprinkler and smoke alarm technology
 The five star fire safe home
 Fire Service Direct the role of telemarketing in delivering community fire safety
 Protecting the vulnerable
 Cyber Safety Patrols and the role of the internet in fire safety
 The role of politicians in achieving Fire Safe and Disaster Resistant communities
 Campaigns and education what works
 We all need Friends the role of volunteers in delivering community fire safety
 Partnership working/ creating coalitions

Papers are invited on the topics outlined above. Synopses of up to 250 words should be sent by e-mail to malcolmsaunders@merseyfire.gov.uk as soon as possible and in any event not later than 31 December 2001.

This conference is designed for the benefit of Senior Fire Officers, Politicians, Civil Servants, Government Advisers, Community Leaders and Fire Consultants.

Merseyside Fire Service has established many world-leading initiatives in Community Fire safety. These are already reducing the number of dwelling fires and all of the resulting misery that they bring. Come to Liverpool and make a contribution to reducing worldwide the toll of death, injury and destruction caused by fire in the home.

Malcolm Saunders
Chief Fire Officer
Merseyside Fire Service