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    I always wanted one of those 12 gauge flare guns off a boat to do that Mongo. Bounce one of those past the pump operators feet, you'll get more pressure

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    Well there is a story that goes along with the whole spark plug thing... (Did you think there wouldn't be???)

    I'll save that for later.

    You can use a spark plug as a window punch on automobiles.

    Or I suppose you can throw it at the chief when he tells you to take your FDNY decals off the rig.

    Here is what you do.

    The next time your at the junkyard or even in your own garage, pick up an old spark plug.

    Now it should be one of the bigger ones like you use in a big V8.

    Take a hammer and bust the electrode off the end so all you have is a piece of jagged ceramic left.

    Put it in your coat pocket and when needed, hold the threaded end with a gloved hand of course, and hit the car window. It will shatter just like being hit with a punch. Dosen't take much effort either. One shot and it will break.

    Then if you loose it what are you out???

    Something I learned in a heavy rescue class some years ago.

    I carry one and have used it several times.
    Works everytime.

    The story goes like this...

    When everyone registered for the class that morning, they were selling punches for about 5 or 10 dollars. They were making a mint on this stuff.

    Well later on at one of the instructors asked my group how many had bought punches. Well there were several.

    He laughed and said watch this.

    He pulled out his spark plug and broke every window out of the car.

    Everyone was laughing there a-- off!

    Of course all the dudes that just plunked down 10 bucks weren't too jolly about the whole thing.

    Now instead of that window punch stocking stuffer you bought, get them an old greasy spark plug instead, and see the look on your hunnies face when the pull it out Christmas morning.

    Oh well.

    Just a little something I picked up, hope everyone finds this useful.

    Merry Christmas

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    Maybe it's just me, but I like the idea of using it for throwing at the A/O!!!!!

    In my turnouts:

    coat: extra nomex hood (inside pocket), pack of old gum (yuck), about 20 pairs of un-needed latex gloves from MVAs, lots of burnt and wet sheetrock from last night's fire (radio pocket), extra spanner, extra (small) flashlight, extra gloves.

    Trousers: gloves, spanner (right pocket), empty can of chew (that was before the gum...)a bunch of webbing (r. pocket), should have my "dikes" in here, but I lost 'em...., paint marker (L. pocket),and that's about it. I thought I was more of a packrat than that!
    "The more we sweat in training, the less we bleed in battle."

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    A couple of inner tube straps, a garrity for a back up-a folding spanner-and most importantly a pair of good Kleins---if I had to pick just one thing, it would be the Kleins-

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