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    Default HELP>>>>Setting up explorer post

    I am a career FF/ Medic with a good size city just north of Cincinnati, and I am trying to set up an explorer post/ Jr. firefighter program. Any one that has any ideas, please let me know.. I hear all kinds of stories about defunct posts...What makes a good post, and what do the kids want to see and do??? Thanks..
    I need help!

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    I've had a post for 10 years, the biggest thing you need is the support of your boss. The rest falls into place, slowly, but it does. Don't get discouraged. A firefighter on my department, was one of my explorers, 9 years ago. The kids you train today, are the future of this profession tomorrow!

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    Recommend you call Dan Beard Council (the local BSA council) at 961-2336. Ask to speak with the Exploring staff. They can give you information for contacting the members of the "Fire Cluster" which includes all of the fire departments in the Cincinnati area that sponsor fire explorer posts. The members of the cluster will be happy to relate their information and experiences.

    As a long-term scouter and fire service member, I appreciate your interest and initiative. The program provides an excellant opportunity for both the youth members and the fire department.

    As mentioned by Halligan1210, support from above is critical to success. See if you have any Scouters or former Scouters in those positions. Most have had good experiences with Scouting and will provide the support you need in one form or another.

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    We have had a Junior program at our volunteer department for 20+ years. I would say that the biggest help to a Junior program is the support of a majority of the members. You will never get all the members on your side but if the members see how the program can not only help the kids, but help the department, they will jump onboard. It also helps to have an advisor that will stick with and up for the kids. I will assume you are that person or you wouldn't be here. It is a very fine to walk between letting the kids do what they want and keeping them out of trouble, but it is worth it. Our department has around 70 members and 3/4 of them have come up from the junior ranks and are some of the best firefighters around. (Many have gone on to make firefighting a career. Some might be sitting in jail now if it wasn't for the program.) If you want copies of our By-Laws and SOGs, feel free to E-Mail me and Good Luck!
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