Congratulations to all the brothers who stood up to the misgided city officials and stood your ground on the issue of F.D N.Y.reductions at the W.T.C. Even when the upper ranking p.d. brass tried to break you up, you all stood your ground. Now you are back up to full strenght.For all the wanta- bees out there, that began bad mouthing the union and/or the brothers as soon as the city began their smear campain, SHAME ON YOU. If you are not on the front lines as our brothers are in N.Y.C., than stay out and stop using this situation as a vehicle to try to discredit the union or the N.Y.F.D. Again brothers,congradulations, and continue standing up for your lost brothers till every one is brought out with honor and dignity. GOD bless you all,you make me feel proud that I am a professional firefighter.