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    Default State Fire Academys.....

    Hey guys, can you help me out? I'm planning on going to a (Ohio) State fire academy in the next year or so, but i need some help on what fire academy to attend, or even how to apply. So could you send me e-mail addresses, or phone numbers, or mailing addresses? If so, that would help me out greatly!! Thanks a lot!!!

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    i`m not sure of a web site but it is in reynoldsburg, so if you call information and get the number and call them, they can send you a course book for 2002. be quick though because most of the good classes fill up fast. i`ve been to 4 or 5 weekend classes there and they have excellent instructors and facilities.

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    Please try this URL:


    You also may want to consider the annual state fire school held in mid-late May at Bowling Green University. This is a 1 week school with a number of excellent courses. Hope this helps. Be safe.
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