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    Question FDNY - Names on Bunker Gear??

    I have noticed in some of the pictures from Ground Zero, and while I was back home in NJ for from the 17th thru Thanksgiving (Spent a few days in NYC) that many members of the FDNY now have their last name across the 'tail' of their Morning Pride bunker coat.

    Is this a new policy? I have seen where some of them have "SQUAD" or "RES1CUE", etc.... but only recently- their names.... Just wondering when this came about - and why....

    Was wondering if any of the FDNY firefighters that normally post here on the forums might be able to answer my question.

    Just curious...

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    yeah its a new policy everything from uniform sirts,polo shirts,duty jackets,and bunker coats are having the last names put on both fire side and ems side.

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    Along the lines of the name patch. Is the tail flap a separte part of the coat or does it come with the coat. A few guys in our company wanted to get some ideas for attaching last name to coats. It just helps to know who is on a line or on the hurst tool or other purposes that requir identifation

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    A 3" velcro strip say 15 to 18" long sewn on the coat wherever you like and then a strip of coat fabric (pbi, nomex) the same length with velcro on the back and the name on the other side.

    When changes need made, all that needs replaced is the stip of coat material.

    Cheap and easy
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    The flap is a part of the TOG manufactured by Morning Pride. It is used instead of bib bunker pant, essentially a reverse bib. Many depts put individuals names on it.

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    The names are not sewn on patches (atleast not on the FDNY coats). They are the regular self stick Scotchlite letters just like the "F.D.N.Y." letter are. As far as certain firemen having " their Squad or Rescue on the back it is entirely up to them. The quarter master takes care of that.

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