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    Unhappy Does anyone else see this?

    I haven't been involved in the fire service as long as most, but I am noticing something that bugs me to no end. I have been noticing that those who complain the most get their way; those who make mistakes and pass the buck don't get the punishment that they deserve.

    I guess that I believe if I am driving the truck and something heppens to that truck, then I am ultimately responsible. I feel that I am alone on this. In our department, instead of saying ,"I made a mistake and here is how I plan on learning from it." I hear,"Well, (name of FF), forgot to do this and so you should talk to them." An example, a few months ago, we were returning from a training exercise with a Viper Thermal Imager. The driver loaded the Viper in the rear of the cab and took off. He failed to put it somewhere that it wouldn't slide and after a few turns it came to rest against the door. I went to return it to the truck that it normally rides in and upon opening the door, it flew out, hitting the floor and breaking a gauge on the reciever. I notified the Capt. We filed the paperwork and he asked the driver about it and he passed the buck saying that it was my fault because I should have checked before opening the door.(The only way to check wouold have been to use a ladder.)

    The complaining must STOP. Everytime one of the sniveling little pansies complains about something that they want changed, the Dept. gives them what they want, even if it is a bad thing for the Dept. Two out of 30 paramedics voted for a monitor that they felt was the best. The other two disagreed and complained until the Dept, went with the piece of junk that they wanted.

    I know that what I am doing here is complaining, but it is stuff that I have said to the people who do this petty crap, and they act as if I am smoking crack. Does anyone else see this, or am I on a bad Dept.

    Maybe I'm just rambling, but I'm ****ed and need to vent somewhere. I will never say anything about anyone that I wouldn't say to their face. I will never retract anything that I have said and will never feel like I have to protect my Dept. I know that many members of this site place disclaimers, and I understand why, but you won't see that from me because I think that takes away from the message that I want to get across.

    I thank you for your sticking with me through my rambling and would appreciate any feedback that you may have to offer.

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    It certainly does seem that few people accept responsibility for their own actions. I think we see it in firefighters because it's a sign of the times in the USA. We are simply a reflection of what is going on throughout the country.

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    That kind of attitude isn't fire service exclusive. Crap like that can be found in just about every walk of life. Hang tough, take it as experience and use it to develop your own management skills. Someday it may be your show, and the experience will pay off.
    Good Luck, Frank
    Chief Frank Rizzio
    Pea Ridge Fire Dept.
    Pea Ridge AR. 72751

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    Talk to your officers about this. We have a Lt. on my dept. that gets away with murder and doesn't deserve to. He screws up everything he touches (and I am not exagerrating) and still maintains his officer position on the dept. I have talked to the Chief, Asst., and Captain many times about him and they know where I stand. I will work with him at drills, but I will NOT go into a fire with him - he is not safe, and I won't be his friend or try to go out of my way for him. They know it, and they know that I have done everything in my power to work through things with him but that he just doesn't care. They basically told me to stay away from him and that if he causes problems to let them know. You have to make your feelings known..officers might know more fire stuff sometimes, but they still cannot read minds. Good luck to you!

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    Not only do some people refuse to accept responibility for there own actions, some people just refuse to accept responsibilty for anything.
    It sucks when the only person you can depend on anymore is yourself.

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