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    Post wall Street Journal

    I was rereading some old fire magazines last night and came across an article where the editor was responding to a journalist's article in the Wall Street Journal about what fire departments cost. After Sept. I wonder if he has changed his mind. It seems that he made many statements about how long it took for firefighters to respond to medical calls. I watched the 48 Hrs show on Res1cue and seen where they responded to a man under a train. They extricated and cut up a fence and treated this man with advanced life support skills a good while before a private ambulance arrived. Perhaps now he knows how essential a fire department is. They do not waste taxpayers' money.

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    I'm(my Dept) Is lucky to be in a very supportive community. we have Fish Frys in spring,summer and early fall for fund raisers(for misc cost) and we have great turn out. also on the last major fire we had. (we're a totally volunteer dept)(this made me proud) The guy said"In 1950 something my dad had a fire Maplewood Fire was on the scene first in 2001 Maplewood Fire was on the scene first" Then he gave us 500 bucks.
    Then People In the county say well why don't we shut down all these "volunteer wannabe fire depts" and make our full time station Bigger. I said couple reasons #1 your responce time gonna be longer #2 your taxes will go up because you'll have to pay more firefighters
    (most people in the community like this)#3 you won't hardly know anyone on the f.d.
    One of the MAJOR RULES in Firefighting is "Customer Sevice" (I know your thinking how does it apply to firefighting but they tought it to us in Fire School) Like don't mess up peoples carpet if its a little stove fire put down a tarp or something to walk on. Or if there's a chimney fire take a zip lock bag and fill it with flame retardent drop about 2-3 of those packs in there that usually does the trick plus it isn't mess getting ash and soot all over everything. AND THE MAJOR ONE(I'm a little bit guilty of even) don't bust open the door unless you have to. They told us if you have good customer service you should pass your tax bills and get support from the community

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