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    Post 1974 Hahn air brakes

    We have a 1974 Hahn and we were told that the air brakes required adjustment every three months. We were wondering if that is a normal occurance with air brakes coming out of adjustment that quick.

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    It all depends on two things: the number of miles that it is driven and what do you consider "adjustment"? Firstly the slack adjusters on the brakes should be checked frequently. You can purchase little disks to go around the actuator rod and then measure the distance from the brake pod to the disk. This works real well for maxi brakes. When the air brakes are set you just look at the rear rods and visually check the disc to see how far out it is. The front ones you can grasp and pull out by had to see how much travel they have. IT should be less than one inch. I would generally set mine to 1/2 or 3/4 inch. This would also include inspection of the brake shoes. When the shoes start getting worn to less than 3/16 its time to get new ones. A good way to set them is to tighten the slack adjuster to where they just stop because the shoe is against the drum. Then you back it off one "Flat" on the nut and the retainer should pop up and grasp the nut and whola you are done.

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