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    Question the hair under the lip

    I was wondering what other departments thought of the little patch of hair some guys grow under their bottom lip. I'm asking because i feel like i'm being singled out because i don't want to grow a mustache. There is a lt with my department who has the same thing but with a mustache I decided to grow one and now one of the other LT's is going all out to get me in trouble about it. It doesn't go to wear it would interfere with my scba mask. so I was just wondering what other departments rules where?

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    Any moustache must be above the top lip and neatly trimed. Below the lip you need the chief's writen permission. Up to now, he hasn't given it. I'm not quite sure if anyone has asked though.

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    What do your department's SOPs/SOGs say? With our department, a mustache is allowed, but can't extend past the corners of the mouth. Any other facial hair must not interfere with the seal of the SCBA. A fit test will be given if it is in question. Whoever loses has to pay the cost of the fit test. (ie. if it does interfere, the FF must pay for it. If it doesn't interfere, the city must pay)

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