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    Post USAR Requirements

    A loooooooooong while back, there was an article about USAR rigs and their requirements. I have not been able to successfully locate that post yet...would anyone be able to point me in the correct direction of it.

    What I am curious to know is anything and everything about USAR rigs, especially the tools they are required to carry, and the certification of the members. This post provided a link to these items. If someone would be able to (1) let me know the date it was posted, I will be able to go back to it...or (2) just provide me, and anyone else who reads this post, what the requirements are for USAR units and what your experience (if any) with them is.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!

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    Well 94,

    Your question is a little vague. I f you are talking FEMA US&R, we have a cache list from FEMA that we go by. However, this will not all fit on one vehicle. We have 2 semi's and more to transport all our gear by ground. We also have a regional response team which is modeled after FEMA but scaled down. We have managed to put all of that on one tractored vehicle. If you have a fema team in your area that cache list is accessable. You may also want to try and get someone from LA because they run run USAR companies.

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