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    Post New found appriciation...

    With the tragedies in September, and with Christmas here, my crew and I have been overwhelmed with out pouring of thank you's and kindness. It has always been said that being a firefighter was a thankless job, and now that has changed. While shopping for our Christmas eve dinner we recieved hugs and much verbal praise, it is nice, but different. We have also been offered alot of different gifts, and some strange ones too...What have you been given/offered, and what wonderful stories go with these offerings? Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe night...

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    Me toopeople thanking me. because i usually have o with n my Maplewood F.D. coat or hat when i go to town. People (who i have no clue who they are) come up and say "are you on the Fire Dept" I said "yeah" then they usually say "thanks,you guys are special(or something neat like that.) then usually smile. It makes me feel more honored to be a fireman.

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    "Our people" (that's how I think of the public) here in Fairbanks have always been nice to us as far as I've ever seen. When we'd get done helping them they'd give us a big "Thank you!" and they send us cards thanking us for helping them - or they stop by the fire station with cookies and a hug. They bring lots of joy to our hearts and make those 3am go-outside-at-forty-below calls absolutely WORTH it all. I don't know any of "my" firefighters that are in this job for glory or thanks so it is a real blessing to serve such thankful loving people. Nothing has changed much since September 11th except the national awareness that seems to have sprung up. Now people are beginning to realize how much their local firefighters, medics, and police officers mean to them.
    I love being here for our Fairbanksans and I love serving my wonderful rural community. I'd still be a firefighter even if our people were thankless - but it'd sure feel different.
    God bless you all! Merry Christmas!
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    My company went to our local supermarket Christmas-Eve AM to pick up supplies for our supper. The manager brought us out 1 cheese tray, 1 veggie tray, 1 sandwich tray, and a case of fruit. He said that these items were on him and he was thankful to have our service in the city. We tried to pay but he would not hear of it. This seems so strange. Twice now we have had unknown strangers buy our meals at restraunts. I have been in the fire service for 6 years and never seen kindness and a "thank you" toward firefighters from the public like this.

    Stay safe my Brothers and Sisters,


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    WE recently had a member of the public bring in 3 trays full of sub sandwiches for our staff meeting. She just called, wanted to know when our meeting was, and dropped them off. These subs were not cheap either. She said thank you guys for all you and put up with, you are much appreciated, and then left. There was another time last week that I was out eating at a restaurant with a female friend of mine when someone paid our bill anonymously. We went to the front to pay and the manager came by and said that someone wanted to pay my bill because I was a firefighter. I then realized that I was wearing my fire dept. coat and had my pager on my belt.

    Like what Firefighter45 said, I've been a firefighter for 11 years now and this is one of the few times I can think of that people did random acts of kindness to the fire service just because. It's nice to know that we are appreciated.

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