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    Post New Yorker or Sam Houston

    Gonna get a leather lid, narrowed it down to a New Yorker or a Sam Houston.

    What's the difference between the 2?

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    I believe the only physical difference is the added plastic liner on the inside of the helmet, which makes it able to pass the test where a steel spike is dropped onto the helmet from 8 feet.

    This makes the helmet OSHA and NFPA compliant, and adds to the price of the helmet a little bit.

    If I didn't have to worry about NFPA compliance, I would get a New Yorker, but I do, so I have a Houston. I still love it!

    Living the dream...

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    After 20 years on the job and being issued "salad bowls" and traditional "pleather" helmets, I finally got my leather helmet...mine is a Houston N6A A lot of the jakes on my department have used their clothing allowances and bought Houston's and New Yorkers.

    There are some differences between the Houston and the New Yorker, but in reality...it's leather!!!

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    So Gonzo,Whatcha doing with yer salad bowl now you got a neck shrinker(go ahead wear it all day,the term will come to ya)Mine looks good on the mantle(the salad bowl,not the N6).T.C.

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