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    Question Niedner Hose

    I need information from anyone who uses Niedner XL-800 or RXL-800 fire hose. My department is looking to buy new hose for our new engine. Any info will be helpfull. Please give me the good/bad of the hose. Thanks in Advance

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    Niedner is nice and light weight but the inner jacket has a tendency to twist away from the outter jacket. If properly maintained, this should be no problem. I'm pretty sure that the "XL" line has the dura-coat on the outter jacket and has proven very durable in normal situations. I'd check the prices of other compatable hose, Niedner can be a little pricey.

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    New hose for a new truck!!!

    Try Ponn Conquest before you buy anything.
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    I would highly recommend that you test several brands of hose for flow.
    Use a good flow meter and test all hose at the same pressure. I have found as much as 100-gpm difference between brands of 1 3/4" hose.
    So far, Ponn Conquest has been the best that I have tested.
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    It is used in the firefighter Combat Challenge and holds up extremely well. I think the original problem with seperation has been corrected.
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