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    Post Reconnection and Understanding

    Can someone please help me get a message to my daughter's ex-husband. His name is Ron Kemp of DCFD, and he's one of the heroes who fought the Pentagon fire on 9/11/01. When my daughter and he were dating and after they got married, I really didn't understand anything about firefighters. I judged him harshly, and didn't like him very much. I said things about him that he didn't deserve. Since the Pentagon was attacked, and since I have read nearly every single post on this site, I have learned quite a bit about who firefighters are and what they are like. Since that day, I have watched as they have gone to work each day and valiantly done what God has called them to do. Firefighters often call themselves brothers, but I really think the profession is more like a priesthood. Only those who are in it truly understand it. The rest of us react in one of three ways: we stand in complete awe, we think they're just plain crazy or we pray for them each day. Some of us do all three! I think about and pray for Ron every single day, and I want him to know it.
    Mary Kennedy Stumpf Ozee

    P.S. I'm sure I can't be the only one out here who's had this kind of experience. Let me know your thoughts and feelings. Thanks

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    You are one of the fortunate ones who finally realizes what firefighters go through. It is a shame that is sometimes takes a major catastrophy to wake some people up. but it is good that they have their eyes opened anyhow.
    I am a captain on a small volunteer fire dept in Arkansas, 12 years experience, and have seen my share of things no one should ever have to see BUT, I know that they pale in comparison to the 9-11 events and i can only imagine just how bad it actually was. I myself even think everyday about what all of us firefighters have to go through and I just wish more people would open their eyes and truely realize what thousands and thousands of firefighters go through everyday.
    I think it would do all of you good if you could just pick up the phone and let Ron and your daughter know how you feel. We all have had troubles in the past but that is where we need to leave them so we can look to the future, no matter how good or bad it may turn out to be. Just remember, for many there is no tomorrow.
    thanks for your post and God speed
    Tyler Sitzer

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    The Lake Worth church fire that killed three brother firefighters in your area made a lot of people here in Texas feel the way you feel.

    I was on duty and watched the events unfold on local television that day. Those three men did what I do. All were firefighters. Two were Ft.Worth firefighters volunteering while off-duty. It was hard to watch the events unfold. I got to go home to my family that day. Those three brothers did not.

    I, along with brothers from our organization attended the memorial services for all three fallen brothers. We sent a truck and attended out of respect. Whether you're paid or volunteer, the fires are just as hot.

    It angers me even more that evidence now suggests that the fire was deliberately set. There may never be a conviction for those responsible.

    The community and fire service came together and the families of those three brothers know they are not alone.

    They paid for their dedication to service with their lives.

    The fire service bestowed the highest honor to them and their memory. They will not be forgotten.

    Firefighters don't preach the brotherhood of man, they live it.

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