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    Arrow Snow Flag.... Help


    I need a snow flag. Not for snow, but for a hydrant thaqt is obscurred by a bush. (I know... just cut the bush. The flag will be an easier sell.)

    Darley sells them in lots of 25... what would I do with the other 24?

    Have one you're not using? Let me know.



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    We use a piece of aluminum conduit with scotchlite at the top. Just bend the bottom to fit between the hydrant body and the steamer cap. It works for us.

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    One of our retired members (a welder by trade) built ours -- piece of rebar that fits around a 2.5" outlet, cap is tightened to hold in place. He even put a lollipop on the top we put our department sticker on.

    I'd think even those yellow fiberglass poles Home Depot sells to mark driveways for snowplows would be good, with some creative wire-tie work.
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    when i go on trips with my family i try to get ideas of other fire depts that have in the area.This last summer we went to WI.(all you WI firefighters it's a nice state and plenty of cows hehehe) a slick idea i say at a outlet mall i saw with hydrants was they had a something similar to on the right and left top edges of a snowplow(those little poles that stick up) now these we're a little stronger and taller and brighter painted with springs on them that way if the mower guy bumps it it will spring back. but i thought it was a good idea. what i'd do is go to local hardware and metalshop(somewhere that sells metal) get about 1/2 inch of rolled stock.(it's gotta stick out of the bush probably a good 4 ft)now from that i'd personally put fabricate about 1 ft square piece on the end of it(to grab attention of the firefighters so that where when scanning the area for hydrants they can see it) now at the hardware store(like home depot or lowes) as them about the spring system cause it will save the hassle of rewelding and putting back on and problems like that. then paint it something fairly bright(yellow,bright green, bright orange)(this will also help the firefighter find the flag faster)

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