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    Question Guilt about survivng wtc/9-11???

    Anyone who was directly involved with the rescue efforts on 9-11 having a tough time dealing with feelings of guilt that you were able to celebrate the holidays and the New Year with your family and friends this, while thousands of families are still in mouring?
    May God bless all the people and families who have lost
    their lives on 9-11-01, to those also lost on Flight 587, and to the rescuers who responded to both.

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    I'm from Southern New Jersey and On the Day of the attacks I didn't go to NYC to help because I herd that hundreds of Volunteers were being turned away. ~ I feel guilty about not being there when I reside so close and thats something that will sit in the back of my mind for the rest of my life. Although I didn't participate in the Rescue I still found it difficult to be all full of holiday spirit this year simply because I keep thinking of the Children and Spouses left behind by the Brave Brothers and Sisters of the FDNY. Thanksgiving and Especially Christmas had to be tough on those famlies and some had children that aren't old enough to understand what happened on 9-11 but they know Daddy or Mommy isn't home anymore....Man, Thats tough just to think about. I will say this....I will be praying for each and every member from the FDNY and their Famlies at the stroke of Mid-Night on New Years Eve. 1/1/02 Dawns a new time and hopefully good health and safety to all.
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    I'm not directly from NY but I still would have rather been in there vs those guys with a wife and kids. The reason i say that cause I don't have a wife or kids. I'm young those guys have a mature carrer i'm a rookie. There's more important people like chief of FDNY or chaplin of FDNY i would have traded places with .when you got guys within a few months or years of retirement. matter of fact I wanted to go to Ground Zero(which is a good drive from Ohio) to volunteer and help out other brothers from FDNY but my chief said Derek not only you'd have to pay for it to go(cause we're a rural dept and we're strapped for cash)(but we did a make a big donation later)plus chief said i don't want you going cause your from a small town and your 19 and going into a big town by yourself and that town crazy as is.i didn't care what i did even if it was being "water distribution engineer"(thats fancy way of saying waterboy) I would have done it for the guys cause anyway i could have helped them i would have done it down there.or if it would have been the thing i do on here a lot give you guys laughs i would have done it.

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