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    Post cold weather search gear

    what do you all carry for a cold weather search
    dept next to mine just got toned out for one and i was wondering what i needed to pack if i ended up going.
    weather is 20's clear, windy, with a threat of some snow tomorrow with the same weather.

    just wanted to ask
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    I would first want to bring things for my own protection, maybe hand and foot warmers, extra socks, extra gloves because you won't be effective if you, yourself are too uncomfortable to work. Second you need to think about possible cold related emergencies you could encouter in the victim. Dry blankets and basic EMS equiptment would be a good idea. The temperature has been dropping down here and I have been trying to put togeather some stuff in case I am going to have to respond to a cold weather search or just to have around if I am going to have to be out in the cold for long and this is what I came up with when I was brain storming.

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    personally with my own money for about 100 bucks. You can buy a nice Carhartt coat from Grempler's. that price includes embrodery of maltese with Maplewood F.D. on the one chest and Derek on the otherside and on the back in 3 inch letters i had MAPLEWOOD F.D. put on it. It's a black coat with red lettering. Its a nice warm coat. i usually on a person search(If it's not on a fire scene) don't wear my bunker gear cause when you know you might be searching a woods, or small area i don't wanna be carrying all that extra weight. now a thing i do with my feet is i wear a pair of wool hunting socks. i also keep my little flashlight in this coat and a pair of thick gloves.

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