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    Question Which truck to bring hydrant?

    I have a question. Which truck should bring the plug? Quick review of the apparatus that responds in hydranted areas: 5-man cab, 1250gpm pump and 1000 gal engine, regular cab pumper tanker with 1250gpm pump and 1500 gal tank, regular cab tanker with 1000gpm pump and 2000 gal tank.

    We currently have our LDH on our first due engine (the 5-man cab with only some 2.5 and 1.75 hose on the pumper tanker. Of these trucks,which truck should bring the plug? I appreciate your responses.

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    I think that your pumper ( 5 man cab, 1250 gpm, 1000 gallon should hit the hydrant). This allows you to send your pumper-tanker to the scene as the first attack piece with the 2000 gallon tanker initially supplying it perhaps. This way, you have 3500 gallons on the scene and a pumper bringing an LDH supply line. The key factor in this scenario is definitely the presence of LDH on the pumper. Hope this helps.

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    Before I crossed the floor to the tower I was on the engine. Tactics vary in different departments.
    But based off of what you descbribed having a five member roster for your engine is plenty to have a hydrantman and members to pull the first stretch. The added luxury of a 1000gal booster tank is another good feature. Regardless, I would take the time to have your first due engine hook into the hydrant and secure a water source. The second due unit could be delayed in response to hook you up to the hydrant. If you do not use a "hydrantman" position, the Chauffeur can be the one to hook into the hydrant. As you arrive drop your feeder hose at the hydrant and proceed to the scene. Once you arrive on scene and are pulling your first stretch, the Chauffeur can start your water from the 1000gal. booster tank. As the tank water is being used, the Chauffeur can then go back and hook the supply into the hydrant. The type of engine (pumper/tender) doesn't matter because from what you mentioned have more than adequate pumps.

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