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    Question What extra gear do you have in your bunker coats?

    I have a course coming up and I was interested in what weird and wonderful stuff you guys and girls have in your personal gear that might make life a little easier.
    I already have some door stops, hose washers and a personal line.
    Is their any others I might be missing?
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    okay in my gear
    -i carry 20 ft of 1/4 inch rope on each end is a spring clip(this is good in search and rescue because if a firefighter goes down i'm pretty big (6 ft 6 300 lbs) i can't get my arms around him open doors and whatever arises. its also good for recoverying victims in fires the way i got it now i can make it into two handles(it's hard to explain without showing you) that way each side of the body a firefighter can hold on.another thing this is good for is if you first get into the fire(and it's SUPER SMOKEY)(can't hardly see crap) i like to do is (if the door already busted down they'll probably junk the door jam) I take ax bury it pretty good in the door jam tie this around the end of the head of the axe this will give you a quick and easy "rescue line" I know 20 ft isn't very far in a house but if you ever get lost in a burning house you'll take every inch toward the door you can get.but also the fire hose can be used as this too if conditions get bad and smoke is severe. REMEMBER if you have Lug couplers MALE=BIG LUGS=GOOD=OUTSIDE THE FIRE FEMALE=LITTLE LUGS=BAD=INTO THE FIRE.
    and this is good for swift water rescue.
    - don't know what kind of couplers you got on your hoses but here we got lugs. So there for i carry a spanner.
    -money well spent is a good flashlight(don't go to wal-mart or k-mart and get a cheap-o cause i know guys who did and they didn't even make it into the fire)
    -Extra Nomax hood the reason i carry this is cause if on rips or tears, or if someone forgets one at station or in gear bag they aren't out of luck.(believe it or not a couple times when guys have been so excited to get to the fires forgot to grab there nomax hoods and i have to spot them my spare)
    -chalk(like school board chalk)(try to get something bright so it shows up on most colors)(i know this sound nuts) but once you've searched a room make sure the guy(s) or girl(s) you went in with are out of the room shut the door and put a big "X" on this door. There's a couple reason I do this. #1 If I go out to change the house to change my SCBA bottle and somebody else goes in how are they to know what rooms i searched and #2 if i go down and they send in another team to look for me it makes there job easier to look for me.
    -now i try to keep my coat pockets open that way i can put my gloves in them(after fire over i like to take them off to check for blisters or burns)

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