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    Post Unpaid Leave of Absence

    Looking for advice....

    Has anybody taken an extended leave of absence for anything other then the 12 week family medical leave?

    I am currently in the Milwaukee Fire Academy, but the problem is that my wife is also currently finishing medical school, and we may have to leave the state for her rotation. Obviously I dont want to quit the department (I should be just finishing my probie year), and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with longterm(3 years)upaid LOA's. Would a school LOA be possible?

    Any advice would be appreciated....I would prefer to have a strategy in hand before I ask anyone affiliated with the dept.

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    I think it would be highly unusual for you to get an extended LOA. They are usually given for up to 1 year, and then only for really extenuating circumstances. I never heard of the reason you gave as being a valid reason. Your deparment of Human Resources can give you guidelines on leave if your department officers can't answer that question.

    One of the biggest obstacles that you face is that you are asking this career department to hold an essentially vacant position for you. I would guess that Milwaukee is not that "manpower rich" to cover an empty slot. Most paid-urban departments have to fight everyday to keep minimum staffing.

    Why not stay there while she goes on rotation? You don't say how far away. Again, I don't know Milwaukee's schedule, but with days off and using those few vacation days you will have, couldn't you work something out? Most residencies require alot more time committments than sitting home enjoying each others company.

    You are in a position (got a paid job) that many people would love to have. You have a tough decision ahead. I wish you the best of luck and hope that it all works out for you.

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