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    Post Tillercam MVA Response

    Have any of you ever video taped a response? I was just wondering I have but have never had the know how to get it onto the net. What do you need to be able to do this? Also is there any sites out there where people have some of these short responses taped? Here is one that I found that is cool. Just copy and paste this link and let me know if it does not work. This is not my work or department just surfed onto it. I would really like to find more footage like this. Could be great for training purposes. Powerpoint etc.

    http://webferret.search.com/click?sl,webferret.54.268.1139.frame.6.%2Blos+%2Ba ngeles+%2Bcounty+%2Bfirefighters.0,http%3A%2F%2Fww w%2Esnowcrest%2Enet%2Fmarnells%2Flafire%2Ehtm

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    Dave, thanks for the link. That was pretty cool! Looks to be a good jaw job too!

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