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    Post Thank You all for your wonderful support! God Bless.

    Saturday I received several more small orders to keep my project going, and today (Monday) I ran to the post office to send out more "Hero's Crosses" to the widows of FDNY heroes who gave their lives on September 11, 2001. Feedback from clergy in NYC has been very positive, these small symbols of Unity and Remembrance are very welcome by victims' family members. The giant cross at Ground Zero still stands today as a powerful symbol of strength, hope, and faith. (They can't turn it into an issue of race, gender or politics ...... I'm sure the ACLU and atheists will try).

    One of the sad parts of this project is that there are so many family members, each firefighter that we lost had parents, siblings, kids. It hurts to send crosses only to a wife and mother, and have to leave out brothers and sisters or even a father. Thanks again to all out there who wear and share the Hero's Cross in memory of those we lost. God Bless.
    The Heroes' Cross, helping to keep the promise .......... to 'never forget'. Dedicated to the 343 FDNY heroes, donated to their families. God Bless.

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    I have no way of reaching the actual victims...please, if possible, give any victims you contact the following info to hear my tribute song for them.

    Have you heard the WTC-Song called, God Will Prevail_"The Victim's Anthem"? 4 Minutes of instrumental, then, lyrics follow to inspire. PLAY LOUD FOR BEST RESULTS. It is my deepest desire to get this song into the hands of the victim's, families, firefighters, policemen, rescue workers, military and the world. Please feel free to share or use this song or site with anyone you so desire. http://susandwiseman.iuma.com or www.iuma.com To God Be The Glory ! Only For Him, Susan D. Wiseman

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