Our department is replacing our current rescue, an 84 chev 1 ton cube with single rear wheels, 8500 GVW. We are looking at a number of options. A 16 ft Grumman Kurbmaster with duals and 12000gvw. Or a heavy rescue. We run a fair # of MVA's here, and more field/brush fire than structural. We have looked on some of the used equpment sites, but most custom trucks don't look to me like they would off road well. Another option is to get a rescue body built to put on our 71 thibeault T-60 Chev. (17000mi, no rust, solid cab & chassis, pump next to toast). Thought we wanted a walk-in body, but I was wondering about a walk-around with a six seat crew area. Any input would be appreciated. We are a volunteer rural dept with 30 members in two stations protecting 2000 pop. over 500 sq mi. Only Station One runs MVA and Rescue. Station Two is fire only. So pros, cons, your experiences and input would be greatly appreciated.