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    Default Haz Mat refresher training

    Looking for suggestions for hands-on practical drills at the haz mat operations level (single and multiple company) Especially interested in any training available (especially if free) from haz mat carriers, distributors, etc.

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    We work with 3 person Engine Companies. To work safely, to the NFPA Operations Level, you will need a minimum of 8 persons, or 3 Eng. Co. on scene prior to thinking about suits, decon station setup and/or entry into the Hot Zone.
    The NFPA Awareness Level responder provides isolation, gather information, deny civilian and f.f. access, evacuate endangered civilians and call for product owner/shipper assistance in mitigating the situation.
    There is much much more involved at operation and technician levels. Very likely beyond the safe operational reach of a large majority of fire departments on their own.

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