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    Default Minimum Offensive Response to HazMat Incidents

    Lots of interesting perspectives out there on the number and level of training needed to provide a single offensive entry at a HazMat emergency of an unknown product.

    It ranges from 5 to 20 technicains depending on the situation and location. The question is what number of responders have to be on scene for a offensive tactic to take place safely and legally. This would be a response to an unknown product and a single entry to determine chemical and possibly to stop a small leak. DIGIT

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    TEAM-1 Emergency Services
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    2 entry
    2 back up
    1 decon
    1 Incident Commander

    more if the chemical warrants but this is the min. by far.

    you would want an equiopment person if number warrant.

    TEAM-1 responds to 5-7 HazMat's per month in Ontario. We take over after Fire Responds and conducts Search and Rescue if required

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    OSHA 1910.120 requires a safety officer also.

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