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    Steve Hester
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    Post Hazardous Materials Response, Offensive Tactic

    Ok, we got the minimum response of 7 technicians. I noticed that those who responded did not include a HazMat DECON team. Who is accomplishing DECON at an incident where local agencies have not been trained to do DECON?


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    Most teams that carry level A suits and do offensive type responses usually carry decon equip. with them. Entry is not supposed to take place until the decon line is in place. Assuming the back up team did not actually make entry, they can decon the entrants. Decon personnel is to be in the same level suit or one less depending on the info obtained prior to entry.

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    TRUCK 110
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    Steve Hester and Codered: It depends alot with how you comply with the Regs in your State.The Federal Standards state though that if you enter the Warm Zone, for lack of a better Word, on a Hazardous Condition Alarm, "Those people shall be at the Operations Level". Now this depends alot on how you decipher the Regs again. Hazardous Conditions include EMS, and MVA's, since Human Discharges are considered Hazards, under Contagious Diseases, and Fuel, Anti-Freeze, and Oil, also fall under the Hazardous Liquids part. Anyhow at this Level, at least in NY, These people are Trained to do DECON, and Diking.

    Again, all how you determine how you will interprete the Standard, but in my Eyes..Everyone is to be at this Level, for ALL Alarms..So All FF's are DECON Personnel.

    Be Safe, and Thanks for the Post..


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