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    Lightbulb Haz Mat Specialist Training

    I am not aware of any specific haz mat specialist training classes. However, NFPA 472 lists the compentencies for the hazardous materials specialist in the specific areas of Tank Car Specialty, Cargo Tank Specialty, and Intermodal Tank Specialty. Training courses at the Association of American Railroads facility in Pueblo, Colorado would likely meet the compentencies for the Tank Car Specialty. I am not sure, but I think they also have a tanker truck roll-over class. Several state training agencies such as Louisiana State University and Texas A&M offer courses for tank truck response. There are also courses available on specific tank trucks such as propane, put on by the Propane Gas Association. Dupont Chemical Company in conjuction with the Chemical Manufacturers Association has their CAER Train that goes around the country giving training on tank car emergencies. Dupont also has an Intermodal Tank training class.

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    thanks alot I think it'll be a little hard getting those clases around here.
    is there a comp. for medical trained personel?
    thanks alot for your time.

    Corey J. Molinelli NREMT
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    Default HazMat Spl (Medic)

    Richard Stilp who co-authored, Terrorism Handbook for Operational Responders (ISBN 0-7668-0475-5) amoung several others is one of the recognized authorities teaching around here. Monday will be day three of a three day (24 course) on HazMat Spl (Medic). I am in Polk County Florida and he teaches in Central Florida. I can get more infor for you if you like.
    FF/EMT Tirado

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