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    Question Stop-Leak Kits For Drums

    Looking for feedback and information on a good stop-leak kit for 55 gallon drums. I had a hi-lo operator run his forklift blade into a drum. I pounded wooden wedges in, and stopped the leak, but I hear there is a patch kit that uses a ratcheting strap.

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    cheapest and simplest is "plug and Dike"
    or metal epoxy stick

    Granular mix with water form snowball and apply to gash

    will dry out after 8 hrs

    stop gap measure only

    can also be applied with epoxy mix after wards for longer duration

    email for deatails and availability

    great for gas tank ruptures at MVA

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    HEY TEAM-1!
    Sounds good .... can you tell me more?
    Alan ten-Hoeve

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    Team-1 I just read your message. Can you E-mail me the info. on the product for the patch. six4fire@aol.com Thank and be safe

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    Chris Stabile
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    Get some ratchet tie down straps and some rubber or viton patches. Apply the patch over the leak, and secure with the tie down straps. Similar to Vetter Air Patch Kit, but not inflatable.

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    Where you could look for a good Plug and Diking kit is Lab Safety Supply. They Do have a web site and they also have alot of diffrent things that may interest you.That is where we do most of our buying for HazMat Equipment

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    Joe_L is absolutely right. Lab Safety Supply is a great company to deal with. Their technical support department is top notch. They'll help you with any questions about any product they carry. The other good thing about them is that if they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist. They'll do everything they can to get you what you want. They've been our hazmat equipment supplier for the last 4 or 5 years, and we've yet to be disappointed.

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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