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    Post Combustible Gas Indicators

    Looking for information on CGI's being used in other fire departments. We currently use MSA 360 Combustible Gas Indicators and are having problems with the O2 sensors going out too often, sometimes less than one year. Keeping the batteries functional has been a challenge also. What are you using out there? What is your maintenance on them? Battery life? Utilization ease? Are they fire fighter proof (OK,fire fighter resistant) Any information will help.
    Jeff Whisenant
    Fire/Rescue Captain

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    We've been using the Bacharach Body Gurad 4 at my department. It's really durable, and we've had virtually no problems with it. Sensor life has been no problem either.

    We gave up on rechargable batteries due to the maintenance. It has been better for us to just go with alkaline batteries, and not worry about keepin the unit on the charger. It also works out better on a hazmat scene as well. You don't have to worry about being able to recharge your unit on a lengthy scene; you just replace the batteries (it only takes 4). You might want to look at their website at www.bacharach-inc.com/bodygrd4.htm. This should take you right to that product.

    If you should have any other questions, e-mail me, and I'll try to help.

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    We use a few different CGI's.We also use the 360, and have had the same problems you have. I like the MSA Passport, which seems to function better. Don't forget to calibrate it before use. The O2 sensors last us about a year,reguardless of how much use it gets. We just bought a PID, and are in the process of training on it. We also have a GASTECH, that talks to you. This is alittle outdated, but still does the job. Most units are firefighter " proof", but you could do some damage if you have no clue as to how to use it.


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    TEAM-1 Emergency Services
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    As the leader in HazMat Response for the Candian province of Ontario, we also use several and numerous styled CGI's. From MSA to Gastech. We fully endorse the new B & W 4 gas CGI. It uses household Black and Decker rechargeable batteries and the cost is only $1500.00 Canadian. Sensors are around $140.00. Its total PHD (Push hear Dummy) operated and we fully endorse same.

    Easy to calibrate (99% of users of CGI don't properly calibrate these sensitive CGI's remeber someones life can be at stake. We don't sell these but we endorse them ...for more FYI contact me at Mitch@team-1.com
    or leave reply........

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    We use AIM Logic 600 at my volunteer department and Industrial Scientific at my career department. The O2 sensors are recommended to be changed annually also. They both have performed very well.

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    We too have been using the Bacharach's on all of our non-haz mat engine comapnies. They are simple to use. Charging however is still a problem, but the O2 sensor seems to last 12 - 18 months. For our haz mat engine, we use the Cannonball 2, it runs on both a rechargeabkle battery as well as aalkaline battery back up. The advantage is it is completely water proof and we can decon it.

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