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    Post Fire Science Internship

    I am doing my internship for my B.S. in Fire Science this semester. The topic I chose concerns SARA, including SERC's, LEPC's and related topics. I plan to get all required MSDS's from Title II reporting and put them in a packet for the Deputy Chief's.
    I would appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have in helping me complete this internship. Thanks in advance.......Allan

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    That is quite an undertaking. If you plan on doing MSDS for your response district, consider enlisting the help of the local businesses. They should already have the required MSDS on hand. Arrange them alphabetical by business, then alphabetically by chemicals within each business. Depending on your type of businesses, be prepared for lots of paperwork. If the businesses have them on computer file, ask them for floppy or CD copies. Consider "flagging" the MSDS for poison inhalation hazard materials, explosives, etc.
    Additional flagging for occcupancies with bulk storage of hazmat.

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