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    Question Railroad Tank Cars

    Yo! Whazzzzup?

    B-N-E was downtown 2-day and he see lots of railroad tank cars wiz by. OK now, B-N-E knows about da placards - but whatz the 411 on all da numbers and letters stenciled on da tanks?

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    Yo B! How you doin?

    If you go to www.usfa.fema.gov you can get the 411 on the railroad tank car marking system in the hazmat section.

    Briefly stated, the letters and numbers stenciled on the tank cars will tell you under which agency specs (DOT, AAR, ICC, or CTC) the cars were built, if the cars have pressurized or non-pressurized tanks, what the tanks are made of, what chemical products may be caried in what types of tanks, and etc, etc...

    The same site has information on tank trucks and storage tanks.

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