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    Question Hazmat decon/wmd decon

    Need help. We are reworking our decon line for both normal and hasty decon. We are trying to slim down our 10 stage decon to one that is easier to run with less people. It used to be popular to have the 10-15 stages with alot of equipment and lots of people but it seems to be going to one or two kiddie pools and a booster line. And the terrorism/WMD line is nothing more than one or two booster lines and a ladder or snorkel. Does anyone have any info/suggestions/guidance that they could send or point me in the right direction for decon line info. Thanks and be safe.



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    You will find that there are as many opinions on decon lines as there are stages.

    WMD mass decon with ladders and lots of water is great for crowds, but what about the entry team? They don't need the same type of decon as the civilian masses.

    Consider premeasured solutions for technical decons. Set aside a compartment with different solutions, premeasured to add to portable sprayers for example. This makes it Mongo-the-Hazmat Tech Proof! Lots of water may not be as effective a decon as say 5 gallons of a made up solution of 20% calcium hypochlorite in water.

    Decon is all situation dependent. If you are dealing with solvents or petroleum products, consider a 1'st stage dry decon with absorbents. Then 2'nd stage with soap solution like trisodium phosphate. 3'rd stage with water rinse.

    Suspected cyanides or pesticides consider solutions with calcium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.

    If dealing with acids/ bases, consider buffered solutions with sodium bicarbonate.

    The KISS principle definately applies here.

    For a hasty/ emergency decon lots of water quickly is a sound principle. Set up a kit to be placed at the emergency decon area. Use trauma shears or seat belt cutters to cut away hazmat suits. One decon member cuts suit as the other decons just ahead. Start at the top of the suit and work down, so as to access the airway first. Consider using plastic milk crates to stage in decon pool. If using a stokes, the rescue team places the stokes on the milk crates to stabilize during decon. We have pre-drilled holes in ours to aid in liquid removal from basket.

    Just some thoughts.

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    I am not sure of their e-mail address, but the Columbus, Georgia Haz Mat team has, perhaps, the shortest and most effective decon line in the state (and maybe the entire southeastern US). I have only a limited degree of knowledge about their system, but if you can find a way to contact them, I'm sure they can supply you with some excellent ideas.

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    There is a marine division that is able to mobilize rather quickly to WMD destruction incidents. I understood that at one time it was in North Carolina. I have recently been told that provisions are being made to move it to Quantico Virginia. Also, Patrick, Hazardous Materials Officer for the FBI HMRU at the FBI Academy in Quantico Virginia has a great deal of information on this. Includes WMD training. 703-632-6570

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    I suggest you contact the Special Operations Response Team in Winston Salem, NC http://www.sortteam.org.

    They are a DMAT and NMRT team that serves as a regional resource for Hazmat. They work with the military etc. and provide a lot of training in WMD at the operations and technician level.

    The team is good about being open and sharing information to help other responders. Take a look at their website and/or give them a call.

    Susan Bednar
    Captain - Forsyth Rescue
    North Carolina Strike Force 1

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