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    Do any of you hazmat types have a drum popper made by Wester Pacific Systems of Seattle, Washington. We have one and I would like to here of the uses you have used it for. Of special interest is if you had one what did you do with it, it might be something we could use or return to service. Working in RadCon as we do at the Hanford Site, the thought of losing the popper is not a good one as Western Pac. does not make them any more. Thanks for any help you might have. Don Zimmerman, Hanford Fire

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    Is your "popper" for closed head or open head drums? I'm not familiar with the Western Pacific models. Ask your RCT's on site how they would protect the unit. Moving parts are hard to protect, but fixed sections can be protected with the standard plastic and duct tape. It also depends on if your are worried about fixed or removable contamination in the drum you're going to access. Protection from Tritium is a different approach from DU or Americium for example.

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