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    Warren Vaughn Guest

    Question Drug Labs

    Recently I was approached by the training officer of my Sheriff's Dept. about what EMA's response to a drug lab would be and if we would clean it up or pay for it. I told him that 1 we would not clean it up and dispose or pay to have it done.
    The topic did bring up a need to provide training to the local swat guys about what to and not to do when they kicka door and find one.
    Does any of you have a set training or material for training in this area?

    W J Vaughn

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    Contact the Portland Police Bureau, the Tacoma/Pierce County Drug Task force, or the Washington State Patrol (Roy Glass). they will have a lot of info regarding this. For the past several years the WSP has had a unit of personnel to do nothing but drug labs. They have gotten very good at how to handle and work through what problems you discussed.


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