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    Question Lock out/Tag out

    Im trying to make a Lock out Tag out prop. So we can train on lock out tag out. Does anyone have something like this or know someone that does? If so can you send me Pics.

    Thank you,
    Andy West
    Washington County Emergency Services Office of Special Operations http://members.tripod.com/specialops20/

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    Have you tried contacting one of your local factories? OSHA is a real stickler for this and most industries have them.

    The industry that I work for, all maint., and Tool & Die makers have their own LO/TO set issued to them and access to a LARGE assortment pf "oddball" LO/TO devices for pipe valves, electrical, and machine controls.


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    Consider the different types of LOTO hazards that you want to train with. Props for a clamshell LOTO for liquid or vapor lines can be made by using a cut off valve. Removed electrical panels can be fitted with circuit breakers for LOTO practice. If you would like more specifics, send me an email.

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