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    J. Bradley Love
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    Question WMD Response Guidelines?

    I am trying to gather information to establish a guideline for initial response to a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) incident. Does your department currently have a set of SOG's already in place? If so, please e-mail me, for I would appreciate any input and guidance for this project.

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    I e-mailed you a copy of "The Field Commanders Guide" in word and pdf versions. If you did not get them, let me know. If anybody else would like a copy, let me know!


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    Nice to see that you are por-active in regards to this issue. Check out www.nbc-prepare.org. It's the Domestic Preparedness website. You may be able to get some info there, or at least contact the program and get some of the information. I teach the medical portions of the class on a regular basis, and the HAZMAT stuff is pretty good. A lot of the information is from the military, but what else would you expect. You can also get some guidelines from www.nbc-med.org for bioterrorism.

    Todd Dousa

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