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    Question LEL-Combustible Gas Monitors for Engines

    I'm looking for suggestions on a good combustible gas monitor to carry on our engines. I want to establish levels of concern or hot zones in responding to natural gas, propane, gasoline, etc. Cost is a factor. Looking for $600 or less each. Any advice/experience??

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    At present we are using 2 (two) GT 2400s on my engine. Other engines only have one. I use two due to fact that I have a water treatment facility using Chlorine. Each of these has 4 things to scan for(H2SO2, CL, O2, & LEL with one 2400 with the Cl and the other with H2SO4.

    We keep them on the engine with no batteries due to the drain created by the device. Once batteries are in it comes right up and is ready to go. Works very well. Calibration is for once per year as far as I am aware.

    Prior to these we were using TMX 410 and then 412s. They worked just fine but required calibration at least once per month, a real pain.

    Cost: I really do not know but I do know they were more than $1000.00 each. it is going to be difficult to find someting at low cost, and be sure you get a calibration and maintence contract with the deal.

    Don Zimmerman, Hanford Fire

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    Talk to your local gas company. They may be willing to give, or permanently loan you a unit. Calibration of the unit is very important, factor that into your choices of units. Aerial131 makes some good points about having additional gas specific monitoring capabilities depending upon the hazards in your district. Aerial 131, I would caution you about that meter in a Cl2 environment, CL2 will chew up an O2 sensor if it's not protected. Check with local businesses that use large quantity flammables, they may be willing to assist you with equipment purchase.

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