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    Post Internet use on Haz mat incidents

    Our regional team is looking into the use of internet sites for information while in the field on haz mat calls. Specifically, we are looking for ways to connect to our ISP from a cell phone, or some other means. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions?

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    Check with cell phone provider, there is hardware that will allow for internet access via cell phone. If I remember right the hardware allows for the connection to be made in some special way?? Make sure that the line is a high speed computer link for only computer use & no cell calls.

    Our department's command vehicle is set up for this to 4? different computers, seems to work ok with little problem.

    I will check with our "expert" (he knows a bunch about it) on Monday and get back to you.

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    The best thing to do is to contact your local cellphone provider and see if they have a cellular ISP or modem/data technician.

    BellAtlantic Nynex Cellular (now Verizon Wireless) is headquartered in our fire district and they were more than happy to come out and set up our mobile data operations with whatever we needed it to do.

    I believe it included a dedicated modem/cell ISP like Aerial 131 said and modem cards for the handheld phones. We also have hardwired phones in our command vehicle and the laptop in that truck has an internal modem.

    I believe these are an excellent resource for information at a Haz-Mat scene. You can immediately access ChemTrec's datbase and any chemical company to get an MSDS or product information. I know Dow Chemical, DuPont, Poison Control, Chlorine Institute and most of the major railroads can be accessed for information.

    If you have a mainframe at your headquarters, it can also be useful to access any building plans or any pre-plan info you have stored in your computers.

    Lt. Kevin C.

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