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    Question HAZMAT team training hours?

    Just wondering how many hours per month are spent on training for the tech's on hazmat teams on average?

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    We try to get at least 2 hours a week with our team members. We also do one 8 hour day with the whole team working on a scenario. At the first of the year we lay out the years training on a calenday to give the various shifts a guidleing to follow. All of our team members are at least Techs.

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    Dear Greg,
    Over the last decade I queried 87 public hazmat teams from all over the country pertaining to their hazmat program. On the subject of hours of hazmat training per month the results were;
    1990 The average per month was 7.69 hours
    1995 The average per month was 9.13 hours
    1999 The average per month was 9.0 hours
    Over the decade the increase was 14.6% in hours of training per month.
    Our team in Madison, Wisconsin has used the figure of 8 hours per month as our benchmark.
    Hope this helps you!

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